Freeware utility to delete obsolete files and browsing history
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AppCleaner is a freeware utility that can clean those leftovers left behind as a result of your work with multiple applications. Such cleanse has an effect on not only optimizing disk space and data retrieval but preserving privacy as well. Besides, the program includes other features that allow uninstalling those applications you do not need anymore. In addition, it can help you manage Startup items to reduce your system’s boot time. Finally, it can also restore the system.

To be honest, I do not thing this application has anything really new to offer. However, it has one thing that deserves your attention, which is its support of cleaning the traces of more programs than any other similar tool available. Another advantage worth-mentioning is that it can use various data deletion methods, including from fast insecure methods to very reliable ones, such as DOD, NSA and Gutmann. Moreover, it can delete not only actual data but free drive space as well.

All in all, AppCleaner worked exactly as expected. It was able to find and erase obsolete files on my system without any complications. Although this may be not as versatile as many other similar tools around, AppCleaner surely deserves your attention.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports a huge number of applications.
  • It allows various data deletion methods.
  • It lets you uninstall applications and restore the system.
  • It can clean hard disk free space


  • It is not as versatile as other similar tools
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